A Profile of National Institute of Malaria Research



  1. Preface
  2. Introduction

vector biology

  1. Anopheline surveys and their identification
  2. Mapping and distribution of malaria vectors and other indian anophelines using gis and rs
  3. Bionomics of malaria Vectors in india
  4. Species complexes in malaria vectors in india
  5. Genetics of malaria vectors
  6. Insecticide resistance monitoring and biochemical mechanisms
  7. Vector evolutionary genomics
  8. Insectary

parasite biology

  1. Malaria Parasite Bank
  2. Malaria Parasite diagnostics
  3. Characterization of human malaria Parasites
  4. Relapse pattern in Plasmodium vivax
  5. Drug resistance
  6. Parasite evolutionary genomics
  7. Screening of natural/synthetic compounds for anti-malarial activity


  1. Malaria Epidemic investigations
  2. Estimation of true malaria burden in India
  3. Malaria during pregnancy
  4. Clinical drug trials
  5. Development of field sites for malaria vaccine trial
  6. Impact of climate change on vector borne diseases with emphasis on malaria
  7. Malariogenic stratification
  8. GIS-based Malaria Information Management System [removed]
  9. surveys of human genetic markers in malaria endemic areas
  10. Health impact assessment of development projects with reference to mosquito borne diseases
  11. Situation analysis of malaria in five selected pilot areas in the country for the implementation of roll Back malaria initiative
  12. Malaria clinics at headquarters and field units
  13. Studies on other vector borne diseases

integrated vector management

  1. Bioenvironmental control in Different paradigms
  2. Field evaluation of conventional and new insecticides
  3. Studies on the reliance of DDT, HCH and malathion in vector control programme
  4. Insecticide -treated nets and curtains
  5. Long-lasting insecticidal nets and materials
  6. Larvivorous fish in mosquito control
  7. Evaluation of biolarvicides
  8. Evaluation of IGR compounds
  9. Evaluation of repellents, herbal and fungal products
  10. Use of expanded polystyrene beads for mosquito larval control

information, education and communication

  1. Health education
  2. Publications
  3. Trainings organized
  4. Conferences and workshops held

other information

  1. List of extramural, collaborative and sponsored research projects undertaken
  2. Awards/honours/prizes received by NIMR scientists
  3. Human resource development
Research Articles published by NIMR scientists