Journal of Vector Borne Diseases

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 CONTENTS:    September 2011, Volume 48, Number 3

Research Articles

Philip H. Jones, Leigh R. Washburn & Hugh B. Britten
Gene flow in a Yersinia pestis vector, Oropsylla hirsuta, during a plague epizootic
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C.I. Tobin-West & B.A. Alex-Hart
Insecticide-treated bednet ownership and utilization in Rivers State, Nigeria before a state-wide net distribution campaign
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P.K. Mittal, U. Sreehari, R.K.Razdan & A.P. Dash
Evaluation of the impact of ZeroFly®, an insecticide incorporated plastic sheeting on malaria incidence in two temporary labour shelters in India
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Barnali Manna, Gautam Aditya & Samir Banerjee
Habitat heterogeneity and prey selection of Aplocheilus panchax: an indigenous larvivorous fish
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Mehmet Birhan Yilmaz, Aynur Engin, Gokhan Bektasoglu, Ali Zorlu, Meltem Refiker EGE, Mehmet Bakir & Ilyas Dokmetas
Does electrocardiography at admission predict outcome in Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever?
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U. Shankarkumar, A. Shankarkumar & K. Ghosh
HIV and malaria co-infection in Mumbai,western India
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H. Kassiri, E. Javadian & A.A. Hanafi-Bojd
Species composition of Phlebotomine sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Nikshahr county, south-eastern Iran
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B.M.Gupta & Adarsh Bala
A bibliometric analysis of malaria research in India during 1998–2009
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Short Research Communications

C. Oringanje, A.A.A. Alaribe, A.O. Oduola, O.A. Oduwole, A.O. Adeogun, M.M. Meremikwu & T.S. Awolola
Vector abundance and species composition of Anopheles mosquito in Calabar, Nigeria
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M.D. Touhid Iqbal & Shadman Sinha
Environmental endocrine disruptors and their effects on Biomphalaria glabrata oviposition
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Case Reports

M.K. Mohapatra & M.P. Gupta
Falciparum malaria complicated with acute pancreatitis : a report of case series
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Tarun Kanade & Ira Shah
Dengue encephalopathy
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Correspondence [PDF Reprint]