Journal of Vector Borne Diseases

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TABLE OF CONTENTS:    March-June 2004, Volume 41, Number 1-2

C.C. Onyenekwea, O.G. Arinolab, S.C. Meludua, L.S. Salimonub, A.K. Obisesanc & I.F. Adewalec

Malaria specific-IgG, inter-pregnancy intervals, birth weights and body mass index in cases of asymptomatic malaria parasitaemia [PDF Reprint]

N.G. Das, P.K. Talukdar & S.C. Das

Epidemiological and entomological aspects of malaria in forestfringed villages of Sonitpur district, Assam [PDF Reprint]


M.A. Ansari, P.K. Mittal, R.K. Razdan, R.C. Dhiman & A. Kumar

Evaluation of pirimiphos-methyl (50% EC) against the immatures of Anopheles stephensi/An. culicifacies (malaria vectors) and Culex quinquefasciatus (vector of bancroftian filariasis) [PDF Reprint]


N. Pemola Devi & R.K. Jauhari

Altitudinal distribution of mosquitoes in mountainous area of Garhwal region : Part–I [PDF Reprint]


S. Matta, A. Khokhar & T.R. Sachdev

Assessment of knowledge about malaria among patients reported with fever: a hospital-based study [PDF Reprint]


Bina Pani Das, Shiv Lal & V.K. Saxena

Outdoor resting preference of Culex tritaeniorhynchus, the vector of Japanese encephalitis in Warangal and Karim Nagar districts, Andhra Pradesh [PDF Reprint]


Jagbir S. Kirti & Jagdish Kaur

Variations in ornamentation of wings and palpi of Anopheles(Cellia) subpictus Grassi collected from northwest India [PDF Reprint]


Kalpana Baruah & Shiv Lal

A report on the susceptibility status of Anopheles minimus (Theobald) against DDT and deltamethrin in three districts of Assam [PDF Reprint]