Journal of Vector Borne Diseases

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 CONTENTS:    March 2011, Volume 48, Number 1

Review Articles

Chandrakant Lahariya & Shailendra S. Tomar

How endemic countries can accelerate lymphatic filariasis elimination? An analytical review identify strategic and programmatic interventions  [PDF Reprint]

Research Articles

Deepa, Vanamala A. Alwar, Karuna Rameshkumar & Cecil Ross

ABO blood groups and malaria related clinical outcome [PDF Reprint]

N.C. Iriemenam, A.O. Dosunmu, W.A. Oyibo & A.F. Fagbenro-Beyioku

Knowledge, attitude, perception of malaria and evaluation of malaria parasitaemia among pregnant women attending antenatal care clinic in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria [PDF Reprint]

K. Raghavendra, S.K. Ghosh, Alex Eapen, S.N. Tiwari, T.S. Satyanarayan, John Ravindran, U. Sreehari & A.P. Dash

Field evaluation of lambda-cyhalothrin (ICON 10 CS) indoor residual spraying against Anopheles culicifacies in India [PDF Reprint]

Gauri Awasthi, Garima Srivastava & Aparup Das

Comparative evolutionary analyses of beta globin gene in eutherian, dinosaurian and neopterygii taxa  [PDF Reprint]]

Philip M. Ngumbi, Lucy W. Irungu, Paul N. Ndegwa & Nguya K. Maniania

Pathogenicity of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metch) Sorok and Beauveria bassiana (Bals) Vuill to adult Phlebotomus duboscqi (Neveu-Lemaire) in the laboratory  [PDF Reprint]

E.C. Uttah, S. Etim, C. Okonofua & O.E. Effiom

Endemic mansonellosis in Emohua Local Government Area, Nigeria: human parasitaemia and Culicoides biting patterns [PDF Reprint]

Ashis Das & T.K. Sundari Ravindran

Community knowledge on malaria among febrile patients in an endemic district of Orissa, India [PDF Reprint]

Albert O. Mala & Lucy W. Irungu

Factors influencing differential larval habitat productivity of Anopheles gambiae complex mosquitoes in a western Kenyan village [PDF Reprint]

Short Research Communications

Bithika Mandal, Baishakhi Biswas, A. Banerjee, T.K. Mukherjee, J. Nandi & D. Biswas

Breeding propensity of Anopheles stephensi in chlorinated and rainwater containers in Kolkata City, India [PDF Reprint]

Josyline C. Kaburi, Philip M. Ngumbi & Christopher O. Anjili

Sandfly-saliva injected during repeated feeding on a sensitized hamster causes fecundity and mortality to female Phlebotomus duboscqi (Diptera: Psychodidae) [PDF Reprint]

María J. Dantur Juri, Marina Stein & María A. Mureb Sallum

Occurrence of Anopheles (Anopheles) neomaculipalpus Curry in north-western Argentina [PDF Reprint]