Journal of Vector Borne Diseases

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 CONTENTS:    September 2007, Volume 44, Number 3

Review Article

Francisco Miled Pherez

Factors affecting the emergence and prevalence of vector borne infections (VBI) and the role of vertical transmission (VT)  [PDF reprint]

Research Articles

Shyama Chatterjee, Jeff Op De Beeck, Archana V. Rao, Dattatraya V. Desai, Gunther Vrolix, Frank Rylant, Thomas Panis, Amit Bernat, Jonathan Van Bergen, Dieter Peeters & Eric Van Marck

Prolonged somatostatin therapy may cause down-regulation of SSTR-like GPCRs on Schistosoma mansoni [PDF reprint]

T.S. Awolola, A.O. Oduola, I.O. Oyewole, J.B. Obansa, C.N. Amajoh, L.L. Koekemoer & M. Coetzee

Dynamics of knockdown pyrethroid insecticide resistance alleles in a field population of Anopheles gambiae s.s. in southwestern Nigeria [PDF reprint]

Arun Kumar Sharma, Sanjeev Bhasin &  S. Chaturvedi

Predictors of  knowledge about malaria in India [PDF reprint] 

Mohini Tiwary, S.N. Naik, Dhananjay Kumar Tewary, P.K. Mittal & S. Yadav

Chemical composition and larvicidal activities of the essential oil of Zanthoxylum armatum DC (Rutaceae) against three mosquito vectors [PDF reprint]

S.P. Yadav, R.K. Kalundha & R.C. Sharma  

Sociocultural factors and malaria in the desert part of Rajasthan, India [PDF reprint]

N.G. Das, P.K. Talukdar, J. Kalita, I. Baruah & R.B. Sribastava

Malaria situation  in forest-fringed villages of Sonitpur district (Assam), India bordering Arunachal Pradesh during an outbreak  [PDF reprint]

Viroj Wiwanitkit

Rate of malarial infection among foreigners in a tertiary hospital of Thailand: change of epidemiology and importance of travel medicine (1996–2005) [PDF reprint]

Short Research CommunicationsS

A.P. Madhumathy,  Ali-Ashraf Aivazi & V.A. Vijayan

Larvicidal efficacy of Capsicum annum against Anopheles stephensi and Culex quinquefasciatus [PDF reprint]

Case Reports

D.K. Kochar, Parmendra Sirohi, S.K. Kochar, Dinesh Bindal, Abhishek Kochar, Ashok Jhajharia & Jitendra Goswami

Post-malaria neurological syndrome—– a case of bilateral facial palsy after Plasmodium vivax malaria  [PDF reprint]

Umakant Sharma, Naresh Singh Redhu, Purva Mathur & Sarman Singh

Re-emergence of visceral leishmaniasis in Gujarat, India [PDF reprint]