Journal of Vector Borne Diseases

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 CONTENTS:    June 2007, Volume 44, Number 2

Review Article

S. Ghosh, P. Azhahianambi & M.P. Yadav

Upcoming and future strategies of tick control: a review [PDF reprint]

Research Articles

Shyama Chatterjee, Gunther Vrolix, Eric Van Marck & Jean-Marie Vanderwinden

The distribution of interstitial cells of Cajal in the ileum is not altered by infection with Schistosoma mansoni [PDF reprint]

Ali A. Haghdoost, Neal Alexander & Tom Smith

Maternal malaria during pregnancy and infant mortality rate: critical literature review and a new analytical approach  [PDF reprint]

A. Salehzadeh, P. Tavacol & H. Mahjub

Bacterial, fungal and parasitic contamination of cockroaches in public hospitals of Hamadan, Iran  [PDF reprint]

Y.M. Tatfeng, J.C. Ihongbe, M. Okodua, F. Oviasogie, J. Isibor, S. Tchougang, E. Tambo & T. Otegbeye

CD4 count, viral load and parasite density of HIV positive individuals undergoing malaria treatment with dihydroartemisinin in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria [PDF reprint]

Nishi Saxena & P.S.R. Murthy

Oxidoreductases in early gestational monkey placenta during maternal malarial infection: histochemical localisation [PDF reprint]

Joseph M. Mwangangi, Charles M. Mbogo, Ephantus J. Muturi, Joseph G. Nzovu, Ephantus W. Kabiru, John I. Githure, Robert J. Novak & John C. Beier

Influence of biological and physicochemical characteristics of larval habitats on the body size of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) along the Kenyan coast [PDF reprint]

A. Budovsky, R. Sneir, E. Bazarsky & J. El-On

Alpha 2 macroglobulin activity in rats infected with Trypanosoma lewisi and treated with cyclophosphamide and its effect on the malignancy of the disease [PDF reprint]

U . Sreehari, R.K. Razdan, P.K. Mittal, M.A. Ansari, M.M.A. Rizvi & A.P. Dash

Impact of Olyset® Nets on malaria transmission in India [PDF reprint]

Short Research CommunicationsS

N.G. Das, D. Goswami & B. Rabha

Preliminary evaluation of mosquito larvicidal efficacy of plant extracts [PDF reprint]

I. Baruah, N.G. Das & J. Kalita

Seasonal prevalence of malaria vectors in Sonitpur district of Assam, India [PDF reprint]

Viroj Wiwanitkit

A note on the serum potassium level among Thai hospitalised patients with falciparum malaria [PDF reprint]