Journal of Vector Borne Diseases

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 CONTENTS:    March 2006, Volume 43, Number 1

Research Articles

C.A. Maxwell, J. Myamba, J. Magoma, R.T. Rwegoshora, S.M. Magesa & C.F. Curtis

Tests of Olyset nets by bioassay and in experimental huts [PDF reprint]


Gautam Aditya, Mihir K. Pramanik & Goutam K. Saha

Larval habitats and species composition of mosquitoes in Darjeeling Himalayas, India [PDF reprint]


A.O. Oduola & O.O. Awe

Behavioural biting preference of Culex quinquefasciatus in human host in Lagos metropolis Nigeria [PDF reprint]


N. Pemola Devi & R.K. Jauhari

Climatic variables and malaria incidence in Dehradun, Uttaranchal, India [PDF reprint]


Madhu Muddaiah & P.S. Prakash
A study of clinical profile of malaria in a tertiary referral centre in South Canara [PDF reprint]


Short Notes

A.A. Hanafi-Bojd,  H. Vatandoost & R. Jafari

Susceptibility status of Anopheles dthali and An. fluviatilis to commonly used larvicides in an endemic focus of malaria, southern Iran [PDF reprint]


A.K. Mukhopadhyay, S.K. Patnaik & P. Satya Babu

Susceptibility status of some culicine mosquitoes to insecticides in Rajahmundry town of Andhra Pradesh, India [PDF reprint]