Journal of Vector Borne Diseases

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TABLE OF CONTENTS:    March-June 2003, Volume 40, Number 1-2

C.F. Curtis, B. Jana-Kara & C.A. Maxwell

Insecticide treated nets : impact on vector populations and relevance of initial intensity of transmission and pyrethroid resistance [PDF Reprint]

Poonam Verma & Y.D. Sharma

Malaria genome project and its impact on the disease [PDF Reprint] 


Gertrude N. Kiwanuka

Malaria morbidity and mortality in Uganda [PDF Reprint]


P.K. Mittal

Biolarvicides in vector control : challenges and prospects [PDF Reprint]


M.A. Ansari & R.K. Razdan

Bio-efficacy and operational feasibility of alphacypermethrin (Fendona) impregnated mosquito nets to control rural malaria in northern India [PDF Reprint]


M.K. Das, B.N. Nagpal, Aruna Srivastava & M.A. Ansari

Bioecology of An. philippinensis in Andaman group of Islands [PDF Reprint]


N.G. Das, I. Baruah, P.K. Talukdar & S.C. Das

Evaluation of botanicals as repellents against mosquitoes [PDF Reprint]


M.H. Hodjati, N. Mousavi & C.F. Curtis

Irritant effect, prevention of blood feeding and toxicity of nets impregnated with different pyrethroids on An. stephensi [PDF Reprint]


M.H. Hodjati & C.F. Curtis

Genetics of resistance to permethrin in Anopheles stephensi [PDF Reprint]